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One of Touchpoint Group’s insurance clients had invested heavily in a program to capture and ultimately understand what is driving NPS and what isn’t. NPS was declining, particularly in the claim performance space, and the traditional metrics weren’t giving the complete picture as to the root cause of this downward trend.

The organization had previously used manual hand–coding to understand samples of customer feedback, but the generic outputs meant that confidence for stakeholders to act was low. Subsequently, organizational initiatives, projects, and actions based on what customers were saying were limited and infrequent and this issue was also reflected again in customer feedback. The ongoing degradation of NPS scores meant that choosing to take NO ACTION was not a viable option and so, fortunately, this organization chose Ipiphany™ to help transform how it makes Customer Decisions. Ipiphany™ was chosen as the core tool to understand customer commentary from all customer feedback mechanisms.

The client undertook complete analysis in a single day rather than the two weeks they had taken to analyze a small sample (unsuccessfully) using traditional methods. Not only was Ipiphany™ many times faster, but it uncovered previously unknown issues. While staff ‘behaviour’ was previously identified as an issue by hand coding, it wasn’t until Ipiphany™ was utilized that the underlying behavioral root causes were identifiable and organizational action became easy to target and execute on.

Subsequent targeted actions based on this analysis resulted in not only an increased NPS, but a shift in staff’s confidence that their actions were materially linked to NPS and specific changes would directly lead to an improved experience.

By using Ipiphany™ as the core analysis tool, our client is now able to extract real value from a program they had already invested heavily in but were struggling to extract ROI from. They moved from uncertainty and long decision–making cycles to directing actions in a short space of time and having confidence at all levels that the experiential improvements that were created were material to customers AND to moving their overall company NPS.

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